Working at GoingOn Networks

I have been remiss in not updating the site to reflect the fact that Starbow Consulting is not currently available for hire. I've been working full time plus at a great startup in San Fransciso, GoingOn Networks , building a SaaS social networking platform, based on Drupal, for higher education. It's a fantastic job, but it has been totally consuming, leaving me without time to keep up with my beloved modules, let alone take on consulting gigs on the side.
I apologize to everyone who has contacted me in the last year with work request that I did not respond to in a timely manner (and a double apology if I didn't respond at at all).

BADCamp 2010

I can't believe it's been a year since I updated this blog. I have been crazy busy at GoingOn Networks , a San Francisco startup building an amazing product on top of Drupal for the education market. But it has been a year, and it is time for BADCamp 2010 . Sadly, since I am no longer at UC Berkeley, I was not very involved in BADCamp organizing this year, but fortunately Jen, Steph and the rest of the organizers this year are incredible! And the line up of speakers this year is off the hook. We've got a bunch of Drupal luminaries flying in to join the already stellar home team.
Sadly, if you aren't already registered, it is full, full, full. They were able to push the reg cap up to 500 this year, up from 300 last year, but it still filled up in about ten days. Hope to see you there.

Welcome to BADCamp 2009

BADCamp 2009 was a complete success! Wow! Almost 300 people walked through the door, to find out what this Drupal thing is all about, to answer questions, to share knowledge, to contribute to the Drupal project, to build community, and to much some vegan donuts.

Thanks to all the speakers, volunteers, sponsors, and everyone that showed up!

Slides and presentation are available at:

Here the slides from my Welcome to BADCamp kickoff:

Drupal and Spam 2.0 Presentation

I just gave a presentation at this month's Berkeley Drupal Users Group on Drupal and the plague that is Blog Spam ( ). My slides are embedded below:

Bay Area Drupal Camp 2009 - October 17th and 18th

Registration is now open for BADCamp 2009 -

This is the third annual Bay Area Drupal Camp held at UC Berkeley. Each year has been a huge success, and a little bigger than the year before. We'll see how many people show up this time. The San Francisco Bay Area is an super-exciting place to be working on Drupal right now. When I started the Berkeley users group, it was the only regular Drupal group in the area. Now there are active groups in San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Silicon Valley and Sacramento, and DrupalCon is coming to SF in 2010! The buzz is palpable.

Replacing a live Drupal site with a static archive

One of the great things about Drupal is how quickly you can crank one out for a special purpose, like an upcoming event. However, you are then faced with the dilemma of what to do with that site after the event has passed. Often you want to keep the site up for historical reasons, but if it stays a Drupal site, you really should keep up with security updates, which means eventually you'll need to update to the next version of Drupal. Or you can save yourself the bother by converting your site into a static archive.

Upgrading to Drupal 6

In a classic case of the cobblers’ kids having no shoes, until yesterday was still running on Drupal 5. With the Drupal 7 code freeze just days away, I figured it was time. Some of my hesitation stemmed from bitter memories. My website has been around since the Drupal 4.6 days, and the upgrades to 4.7 and 5 were unpleasant. Turns out I should have done it months ago. Upgrading 5 to 6 has easily been the most straightforward upgrade yet. It has taken me a fair bit of time, but that is mostly playing with all the new capabilities and having fun retweaking my workflow.

Here is a stream-of-consciousness report of the process.

Backup & Migrate rocks my world

Just a short note to heap praise on ronan and the Backup and Migrate module . For those of you who have not already discovered this aptly popular module, it allows you to easily backup your Drupal database, from inside of your Drupal site itself. Now, you might be thinking “so what, I already use the phpMyAdmin export”, but IMHO there are two big advantages of B&M.

  • Out of the box, B&M is configured to exclude the data from the caches, watchdog, and other huge but non-critical tables.

The Problem with Popups

I love the functionallity of stacking popups in the the Popups API 2.x alphas, but there are a couple of problems with my current approach, which keeps the entire stack in the DOM .

  • JavaScript is being executed on the entire DOM . I check, and only execute new js files, but, unlike CSS files, there is no way to unload the js after it has been added to the DOM . I haven’t run into an actual problem from this yet, but it seems inevitable.

Twittered Notes from Voices That Matter Web Developement Conference

Just got done attending the Voices That Matter: Web Design Conference. I had a really good time, very inspiring to see how much the profession has grown up. I might do a more formal write up, but in the mean time, here is my cleaned up twitter stream. I tend to unfollow anyone that does line-by-line reporting of presentations, so I keep it to one or two per session.

  • Tue, 2009-04-28 09:09: Attending voicesthatmatter, taking notes for #dcsf2010 proposal.
  • Tue, 2009-04-28 10:44: Joel Postman doesn't seem that interested in what he is saying. #vtm
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