Backup & Migrate rocks my world

Just a short note to heap praise on ronan and the Backup and Migrate module . For those of you who have not already discovered this aptly popular module, it allows you to easily backup your Drupal database, from inside of your Drupal site itself. Now, you might be thinking “so what, I already use the phpMyAdmin export”, but IMHO there are two big advantages of B&M.

  • Out of the box, B&M is configured to exclude the data from the caches, watchdog, and other huge but non-critical tables.

Review of "Drupal 5 Views Recipes"

Drupal 5 Views Recipes is an odd book. It had been published almost two years after the last stable version of Views for Drupal 5 (aka Views 1) was released, and more than eight months after the first stable version of Views 2 was released for Drupal 6 (to much fanfare). And yet the book still feels rushed.

The Problem with Popups

I love the functionallity of stacking popups in the the Popups API 2.x alphas, but there are a couple of problems with my current approach, which keeps the entire stack in the DOM .

  • JavaScript is being executed on the entire DOM . I check, and only execute new js files, but, unlike CSS files, there is no way to unload the js after it has been added to the DOM . I haven’t run into an actual problem from this yet, but it seems inevitable.

Effort to fix Install Profiles in Drupal 7

I wanted to call people’s attention to the efforts to fix install profiles in Drupal 7, over at: http://drupal.org/node/509404

The idea is to make install profiles a superset of normal Drupal modules, with all the power of a module, plus the ability to show up in the initial install page. For my take on why this is so needed, check out my previous post Simpler Alternative to Install Profile

The joys of following directions (cron.php edition)

Quick note to myself that it is worth following the actual directions for setting up cron over at http://drupal.org/cron, instead of just a rough approximation. I have been doing

30 * * * * /usr/local/bin/wget http://my.site.com/cron.php >& /dev/null

And have always been a little annoyed at the accumulation of cron.php.X files in my home directory, but never annoyed enough to figure it out.

Those clever clever spambots

The comment spambots have gotten more clever lately. My blog has open comments, protected by Mollom. On average, I get one or two real comments a day, and 20-30 blocked spam. Lately I have been getting more comment spam slipping through. This new spam is made up entirely of snippets from previously accepted comments, with a couple new links slid in. Cute.
I think I need a second level comment filter, after Mollom, that immediately publishes comments without links, but pops any comments with links into a moderation queue. I wonder if such a thing already exists.

Popups API Modules in Action

Here is a screencast showing off two modules that I have built on top of the Popups API module . They are Popups: Add & Reference , which allows the Node Reference widget to create new nodes, and Popups: Subedit , which allows semi-in-place editing of just parts of a node.

This demo starts with a fresh Drupal 6 install, with the Popups modules, CCK, Node Reference and Admin Menu enabled.

View it full size . You might need to turn up your volume, the sound is a little low.

Senior Drupal Developer looking for good home

I am looking for my job next opportunity. In particular I am looking for

  • a full-time, or near full-time, position with benefits.
  • a collaborative working environment in the San Francisco East Bay Area or accessible by BART.
  • an opportunity to do innovative work, especially in the area where Drupal and Ajax intersect.

I have been working with Drupal since 2005, starting in the 4.6 days. I have been creating web applications for a solid decade now, and have been programming professionally for over 15 years.
Personal Highlights

  • Authoring over a dozen useful Drupal modules, including Popups API, Popups: Add & Reference, Private Uploads, Find URL Alias, and the Flexinode to CCK Converter (see the whole list at http://drupal.org/user/33290 ).
  • Actively participating in the Drupal community by testing and submitting patches to core and other modules.
  • Helping get the #ahah form element (and other improvements) into Drupal 6.
  • Founding and organizing the Bay Area Drupal Camp (BADCamp) 2007 and 2008.
  • Founding and running the Berkeley Drupal Users Group for the last two years.
  • Presenting at OSCMS 2007 (aka DrupalCon Sunnyvale).
  • Building the Popups API and seeing other authors build interesting modules on top of it.

If you have something that fits the bill, drop me a line.

Configuring Eclipse For Drupal CVS friendly patch creation

From http://drupal.org/node/75242:

You should only need to set these if you are use Windows. These settings ensure that if you upload files to Drupal.org, or create patches to upload they are in the standardized format (UTF-8, Unix line endings, and CVS -kkv mode).

Make the following changes under Window - Preferences:

#1 Expand the left-hand menu to General - Workspace
* Set Text file encoding to UTF-8.
* Set New text file line delimiter to Unix
#2 Expand the left-hand menu to Team - CVS
* Click on the Files and Folders tab.

My Drupal Module Release Strategy

It is time to review my personal module release tagging strategy. The available tags have changed since I started releasing Drupal modules, and my understanding of the flow has evolved recently. Readers will understand this better if they are familiar with the info on the Drupal contrib branches and tags page.

Here is my current thinking (replace X with an increasing counter starting with 1):

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