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Quick Admin Menu - A New Wave Menu UI

I just released a beta of my new experimental administration UI for the Drupal menu system, Quick Admin Menu. As opposed to my Ahah work, this interface is very client-side heavy, with only a couple of Ajax calls back to the system. This project is all about pushing the envelope in terms of ease of use.

Check out the demo. (You will not be able to submit the changes, or use the “Add item to Menu” link)

Drupal Icon Sets

There was a push a while ago to get Drupal to use the tango icons, which was then pushed back, since Tango's license is CC and not GPL. I don't fully get the distinction, but here are the GPL icon sets I have found:

* "Lullabot Icon Set #1":http://www.lullabot.com/articles/free_gpl_icons_lullacons_pack_1
* "Morten's Iconify Module":http://morten.dk/blog/mortendk/iconyfi-alpha-pixels-dot-03
* "Mark James' Mini famfamfam set":http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/mini/

Weird Firebug Bug

Just got bit by a weird Firebug issue. If you have a variable named "parent", Firebug will choke. The second time you load the page, you will get lots of "console is undefined" errors, and there is nothing for it, but to rename the variable and restart the browser. I still think FB is the best thing since sliced bread.

Thanks to Mike over at the Firebug forum for diagnosing this one:

Input format filter order

Bit of a pain trying to get my default format filters in the right order. Here is what I finally came up with:

# Textile - wiki syntax -> xhtml converter. Needs to go 1st.
# URL filter - convert text urls to clickable links
# HTML filter - remove dangerous html elements
# Code filter - do syntax coloring of code blocks
# Line break converter - convert text returns into html paragraphs. Textile tries to put in br's, but the HTML filter pulls them back out.

Notes on Drag & Drop with Interface

_Damn, just lost my first version of this post. I need to see about getting the autosave module working_

I am working to wrap my brain around Drag & Drop in Drupal. "Interface":http://interface.eyecon.ro, the jQuery UI plug-in, seems like the best place to start. I am using jjeff's "expiremental jQuery Update modules":http://groups.drupal.org/node/3576 so I can use the latest version (v1.2).

Berkeley Drupal Group - First Meeting!

Very exciting. Citris has gotten us a room on the UCB campus to start having a monthly drupal group. First meeting is next tuesday the 24th, at 7pm.
Read more at: http://groups.drupal.org/node/3710

The best way to show results?

This one has me a little confused. The goal is to take in a couple of parameters from a form and then output some results along side the original form. This is a super-basic task that seems surprisingly hard in drupal.

Here are some ways to do this that I have come up with (in order of complexity):

Eclipse PDT RC3

Well, according to my my page tracker, lots of people are interested in using Eclipse PDT and Xdebug, so I thought I would give a quick report on upgrading to PDT RC3. *Note:* I see the "XDebug plug-in v0.2.0 is out":https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=169408. At the moment, I am still using v0.1.3
*Update:* Looks like I can't keep using v0.1.3. Upgrading to Java6 has triggered this error when debugging: "An internal error occurred during: 'Computing hasChildren'.":http://dev.eclipse.org/newslists/news.eclipse.tools.php/msg01362.html
I just downloaded v0.2.1, dropped the two jars into the eclipse plugins director, deleted the old jars, started up PDT again, and so far so good.

Secrets of ahah_forms.js revealed

Kent Bye, of the "echochamberproject.com":/http://echochamberproject.com/, has posted a step-by-step analysis of how ahah_forms.js does it's voodoo. Check it out at: http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dczgjp36_48ctkpt3

Secure Dynamic Forms and Subforms

This article is a follow up to my first tutorial on the subject: A Dynamically Expanding AJAX/ AHAH Drupal Form Element . The basic flow of that article is still correct, but two month ago I could not figure out how to do dynamic forms without grabbing what I needed out of $_POST, which removes all the great FAPI security. Now I have figured it out and present the dynamic_subform module in Ahah Forms v1.5 , which provides functions for securely creating and updating dynamic forms and subforms.

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