Eclipse PDT RC3

Well, according to my my page tracker, lots of people are interested in using Eclipse PDT and Xdebug, so I thought I would give a quick report on upgrading to PDT RC3. *Note:* I see the "XDebug plug-in v0.2.0 is out": At the moment, I am still using v0.1.3
*Update:* Looks like I can't keep using v0.1.3. Upgrading to Java6 has triggered this error when debugging: "An internal error occurred during: 'Computing hasChildren'.":
I just downloaded v0.2.1, dropped the two jars into the eclipse plugins director, deleted the old jars, started up PDT again, and so far so good.

* The silly item "Refactor" has been moved off the file contextual menu, and "Rename" and "Move" have been moved to top level items. Small change but nice UI improvement.
* I haven't had the entire IDE lockup and die since the upgrade. Fingers crossed. *Update:* Ah well, I have gotten a couple of bad lockups/crashes again. Not sure what triggers it. The sign that it is about to happen is the text I am typing goes in backwards, and then boom.
* I am getting even more false php error messages as I edit, and it is not doing a good job of refreshing. I now do lots of adding a space and deleting it just to prod the syntax checker into reevaluating the line. Annoying.
* F3 seems to be working more often, but the trade off is that is taking a lot longer to be ready to use, because it won't do anything important while it is scanning the php.