Made it to the 5.x promised land

I finally transitioned our main CITRIS site over to Drupal 5.2. Upgrading remains the trickiest bit of the Drupal experience, but this transition was so much smoother than 4.6 to 4.7. My favorite bit is how much custom code/hacks I have been able to smoothly fold into Views and CCK.

Fingers crossed for 6.0

drop down menus

body { behavior: url( "themes/themes/citris/" ); /* add :hover to ie6 */ }

Would it be possible to see this file or get an explanation for how to make hover work in IE6 I would truly appreciate it the drop down menu looks and works very nicely in all other browsers.

Just do a google search on

Just do a google search on It is a publicly accessible utility. Also, you can see my "article on drop downs menus":
Also, I have heard good things about nice_menus.module

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