My First Drupal Module

I just released my first drupal module: Flexinode to CCK Converter
Sadly, it is a big old hack - but it was useful to me, and when I
posted the code to the forum, someone else was able to use it
successfully. Too cool.

I was nifty to use the new project
publishing system that Derek has been working so hard on. Seems really
slick.  Unfortuantely, the eclipse cvs isn't flexible enough to do the
branching and tagging the system requires (it adds crap to your tag
name, which seems braindead), but it is not much trouble to use WinCVS
for that bit.

Should be accessible for public download in 12 hours.  I wonder how long it will be before I get the first compliant about it?

Update: Looks like Morbus has done something similar for Drupal 5.0 ( Flexinode to CCK using Drupal 5.x)