Quick Admin Menu - A New Wave Menu UI

I just released a beta of my new experimental administration UI for the Drupal menu system, Quick Admin Menu. As opposed to my Ahah work, this interface is very client-side heavy, with only a couple of Ajax calls back to the system. This project is all about pushing the envelope in terms of ease of use.

Check out the demo. (You will not be able to submit the changes, or use the “Add item to Menu” link)

I am really pleased with the results, though the uncompromising approach comes with a price:

  • Depends on jjeff’s jquery_update and jquery_interface modules, which will require you to upgrade your version of jQuery by hand.
  • Needs SimpleXML extension on the server, which only comes by default with PHP5.
  • Does not even pretend to work if the client has javascript turned off.
  • Currently works best on Firefox (almost works on ie7, I haven’t tested any other browsers. Please let me know if you have any ideas about fixing the ghosting problem in ie7. I notice that the interface tree demo has a similar issue).

If time allows, my plan is to release a series of Quick Admin X modules, which will be javascript remixes of the current Drupal admin pages. The next one should be Quick Admin Views, once 1.6 gets out of beta.

It would be less confusing

It would be less confusing if the cursor icon is move instead of n-resize .

Great work!

Looks great for a prototype. You know, if this module can get drag and drop into whatever level of nesting of this->id right, than lord only knows the possibilites. Will be watching the cvs...

Nick Lewis

This should be in core when

This should be in core when finished. Compliments to you!

My wish: icons up/down to change weight (or is it there already?)

This module get's it to my "allways use" list.


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