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I have been remiss in not updating the site to reflect the fact that Starbow Consulting is not currently available for hire. I've been working full time plus at a great startup in San Fransciso, GoingOn Networks , building a SaaS social networking platform, based on Drupal, for higher education. It's a fantastic job, but it has been totally consuming, leaving me without time to keep up with my beloved modules, let alone take on consulting gigs on the side.
I apologize to everyone who has contacted me in the last year with work request that I did not respond to in a timely manner (and a double apology if I didn't respond at at all).

Hi Tao! Can you post

Hi Tao!
Can you post something about how to do an SaaS app with Drupal?

I'm trying to do this but with no much success.
I wanna to do something like gmail you know. Something that I can put many users but this users can't see other users content. It will be a app for lawyers. They can put their jobs, they notes, etc..

But the real problem is that some group of lawyers(community, group, you know) can share they content. And other group cannot even know about the existence of that group. Do you understand me? It's hard? It's possible to do with Drupal?

Thanks for share.

Mayk Brito

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