Adding Modal Dialogs to Drupal 6

Wow, there has been some amazing usability improvements going on in Drupal 6 lately. "Drag and Drop has been approved for the Blocks page":http://drupal.org/node/181066, and Nate has two more issues in progress to get drag and drop into "Menus":http://drupal.org/node/181126 and "Book":http://drupal.org/node/192736

I have been so inspired by this work that I have turned the work I have been doing with modal dialogs/popups into an patch and issue. Check out "Adding Modal Dialogs to Blocks Admin":http://drupal.org/node/193311. It has basic dialog infrastructure and two very cool examples of how they could be used.

Quick Admin Menu - A New Wave Menu UI

I just released a beta of my new experimental administration UI for the Drupal menu system, Quick Admin Menu. As opposed to my Ahah work, this interface is very client-side heavy, with only a couple of Ajax calls back to the system. This project is all about pushing the envelope in terms of ease of use.

Check out the demo. (You will not be able to submit the changes, or use the “Add item to Menu” link)

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