Popups: Add and Reference

I have released a new module, "Popups: Add and Reference":http://drupal.org/project/popups_reference, which solves a problem that has been bugging me for years: creating a reference to a node that does not yet exist. The module adds a link to CCK's Node Reference widget that makes it easy to add a new node without having to leave the edit page. It is built on top of my "Popups module":http://drupal.org/project/popups.

My initial inspiration was the 4.7 module "Add and Reference":http://drupal.org/project/add_n_reference by tema, which I found out about in the g.d.o thead "Current best solution for add and reference?":http://groups.drupal.org/node/13162

I am hoping to do more modules like this, which show off the flexibility and power of the in-page popup UI.

Great Work!

Thanks, Tao -- This is great work in a sorely needed area.

I recently subscribed to all issues for both Popups projects and I look forward to getting more involved with these in the future!

Many thanks

Brilliant work. Today's community-driven, data-heavy sites need functionality like this to provide a quick and user-friendly way for users to contribute.

I was working on a module myself that has the same goals as yours but your approach is about 2.5 billion times better. I'm delighted to be able to show my crummy code the dust bin :)


You're so right, this solves a major usability problem I've had with node reference.

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