Input Format Manager - a small step to making it easier to understand filters.

The Drupal markup filtering system is confusing for a couple of reasons:

  • The terms “format” and “filter” are used inconsistently. For example, the main admin page is title “Input formats”, but the url is “admin/settings/filters”. The best I can do is: The markup filter system consists of multiple input formats which are ordered stacks of individual filters .
  • The term “Input format” itself is misleading, because the filters work on output, not input.
  • The “Input format” admin page is unhelpful and hard to navigate.

Jody over at ZivTech wrote a nice article on Understanding Input Formats , that talks about the first two issues and more. To address the third point, I have released a new Drupal 6 module: Input Format Manager . The advantages of this module over the default admin are:

  1. It makes clear the fact that formats are really just stacks of filters.
  2. It allows you to easily test a format as you configure it.
  3. It unburies the filter reorder and filter configuration functionality.
  1. It integrates nicely with the Popup API module.

I have been chatting about the design of this module over in the usability group: Attempt at improving the Input formats admin page . The screenshot over there is a little out of date, so here is a more recent one (the little boxes on the links show that my Popups API module is on).

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The image doesn’t exist.

The image doesn't exist. But I like what you've done. This section has long been a difficult one to grok.


Thanks for the heads up. I re-attached the new image.

Nice work on this Tao, much

Nice work on this Tao, much needed and welcome improvements. Hopefully some of this could make it into Drupal core.

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