Popups API Modules in Action

Here is a screencast showing off two modules that I have built on top of the Popups API module . They are Popups: Add & Reference , which allows the Node Reference widget to create new nodes, and Popups: Subedit , which allows semi-in-place editing of just parts of a node.

This demo starts with a fresh Drupal 6 install, with the Popups modules, CCK, Node Reference and Admin Menu enabled.

View it full size . You might need to turn up your volume, the sound is a little low.


I was actually working on the same feature - but a little extended; using the advanced views setting on the node reference field to specify the location of a view in order to choose an existing one as well, essentially replacing the dropdown you have there in your video.

I'll hack what I have already into your module and provide you with a patch that we can discuss in your queue.

Thanks for all your work on this Tao!

Great work!

I really like it. Will see if I can sneak it into a site or two...


Popups API rocks!

Rob Loach

Shout out

And a big shout out to Rob Loach, Nate (quicksketch) and Jerad (sirkitree) for some great patches that make the 2.x branch so exciting.

Big fan

I'm a big fan of Popups API and friends. Using it extensively on a client's internal booking system, and the only thing we've been missing was "chained popups" so thank you so much for adding that in! And I think Subedit might be my next favorite!

/Hannes // zoo33

popups_reference Add link theming


First of all, thank you for your great module! I am currently using it and am very pleased but I am facing a challenge while trying to theme a CCK input form in which there are some "Add New" links.
For the moment, the "Add New" link is in a div (without class) situated under the CCK input field. I would like to be able to put the "Add new" link next to the input field.
I have tried to play around theming CCK form but I have trouble as I am using the drupal_render function that create the label/input field/description divs and then your module is adding the link as a suffix.
Has someone succeeded in displaying the "Add New" link inline with the input field?

If what I am trying to describe is not clear with words, I can post some pictures.

Thank you for your help.

Add links inline


I have succeeded to display the links inline with the input field by modiying the module and the theme template.php. I have posted the method here: http://www.psykocybernetik.com/blog/content/drupal-inline-popups-reference-field

Don't hesitate to let me know if there is a better way of doing it.


Great job... Does only the V2 alpha chain?

I was looking for something exactly like this, and the video was great.

When I implemented a test, I get the 'Add New' as seen in the video, and it seems to work fine. However, if I click on a further 'Add New' within the popup itself, then it complains that pop-up chaining is not supported (yet).

Is chaining only in the alpha version, or is there some other configuration or restriction that I'm not respecting? Has anyone got chaining working using the 6.x-1.0 version of this module?

Is the 'alpha' version as ready for production as the regular version? In my case the general public is not entering data, so it doesn't have to be absolutely bulletproof.. they would rather have the chaining because it helps the workflow so much.

Thanks for a great module - and any pointers from anyone appreciated?

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